Bring a new level of comfort to any in-ground pool. Instead of concrete, surround your pool with artificial grass and enjoy a lush, soft, natural-looking ground cover. You’ll enjoy a soft lawn underfoot without the mess, puddles and rough feel of cement on your feet. Any water that splashes out of the pool will drain directly through the lawn, instead of creating puddles or carrying dirty water back into the pool.

Professionally Installed Artificial Grass for Pool Areas
for Pool Areas

Traditionally, most inground pool covers are made of concrete or other hard materials. Concrete is expensive, tile is dangerously slippery when wet, wood decks require a lot of maintenance, and pavers take a lot of effort to keep up. A natural-looking synthetic grass that runs around your pool offers beauty and functionality that other pool cover materials can’t compete with, making artificial grass the best choice for pool area landscaping. swimming pool.

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Benefits of artificial grass around swimming pools

Artificial grass around pool and pool areas provides a permanent, soft, durable and safe surface for all kinds of games and activities.

The Lawn VIP “Cascade Backing” lawn drain drains water at a rate of 1,500 in/hr. It’s always ready to play, even after a storm.

Artificial grass around swimming pools provides children with a place to run, play and inevitably fall over without getting injured, muddy or covered in grass stains.

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