12 in. x 325 Ft . White Seam Tape


Our seam tape is 12 inches wide and works great for any synthetic turf seaming process. Seaming tape is available at any custom length with a maximum length of 325 feet per roll. This tape can also be applied in conjunction with turf adhesive. The adhesive should be applied to the dull side of the tape.




This 12″wide Seaming Tape is designed to bond two pieces of synthetic grass together, it is strong and commercial grade, good for all seams of artificial grass for heavy duty sports, landscape lawn and putting greens.

Size: 12″(30cm) wide and 325′(100m) long.
Material: strong non woven fabric, non-hazardous and user-friendly
Color: white
Roughened surface absorbs adhesive firmly and make two pieces of grass stuck together strongly
Weight: 4.6kg per roll

This tape is to be used with adhesive/glue to bond your artificial grass. In order to make a securer join, a professional glue spreader is recommended for spreading the glue evenly on the tape. If you don’t have such a tool, apply the glue to the tape in a zig-zag or linear pattern and then use a small manual glue spreader to spread the glue.

There is no glue/adhesive on this tape, you have to add glue on when using it. Kindly read this carefully before you purchase it. Thanks!